6 Best Brands of Pinto Beans For Your Nutritional Needs

by Touseef Shaikh

Pinto Beans are most popular form of beans in United States. These are used different ways such as refried, canned, and fresh and are cooked with many dishes. Most vegans who look for an alternative source of protein, it is great source of protein, vitamins, and different healthy minerals. Almost all forms of pinto beans are good. However, when it comes to brands, you should go for ones which are gone through right processes, so you get most health benefits out of pinto beans. There are some of the best brands of pinto beans, in which there are organic, GMO-free, gluten-free and low fat pinto beans.

Best Brands Of Pinto Beans
Best Brands Of Pinto Beans

Some of the Best Brands of Pinto Beans:

Here is the list of 6 best brands of pinto beans:

1. Food to Live Certified Organic Pinto Beans

Food To Live Certified Organic Pinto Beans
Food To Live Certified Organic Pinto Beans

The cooked cup of organic pinto beans contains 16g protein along with dietary fiber. Not only that; these pinto beans are rich source of iron, calcium, folate, manganese and vitamin B6 also. These beans are also free from GMO.

These pinto beans last for months.

Also, you can enjoy these pinto beans in a combination with other foods such as, making soup or adding some chili and many other ways.

Food to Live Certified Organic Pinto Beans
Food to Live Certified Organic Pinto Beans

2. CAMELLIAS Pinto Beans


Because pinto beans are rich in the fiber which lowers cholesterol, these are also a great source of molybdenum which is a good source of folate, protein, and some of the great vitamins like vitamin B1 and B6.

These also contain several minerals including; copper, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, manganese and iron. When you cook these beans, the texture becomes firm and combining these with brown rice not only makes them delicious but also nutritious.

Because of having natural flavor, these simply taste so good with some salt but these can also be seasoned with jalapenos, onions, garlic and chili powder. These are Non-GMO and free from Gluten.


3. Chef Soraya Plant Based, Vegan, Pinto Beans and Rice

Chef Soraya Plant Based, Vegan, Pinto Beans And Rice
Chef Soraya Plant Based, Vegan, Pinto Beans And Rice

With high protein and bold flavor, these pinto beans provide you with nutrition and taste.

These are Gluten-free, Vegan and strong in protein and do not contain any added sugar.

These bowls are non-GMO plant-based giving you ready to serve meals in minutes by only adding hot water and let these cook in the bowl. These save your time by giving you quick food which is nutrition rich.

Chef Soraya Plant Based, Vegan, Pinto Beans and Rice
Chef Soraya Plant Based, Vegan, Pinto Beans and Rice

4. Vigo Santa Fe Pinto Beans & Rice

Vigo Santa Fe Pinto Beans & Rice
Vigo Santa Fe Pinto Beans & Rice

This southwestern style pinto beans recipe contains pinto beans and corn which can work great as a side dish or you can also use it as a whole meal.

To make it taste better you can also add different ingredients to it.

It takes less than 25 minutes to prepare. These give you great taste while these are low in fat.

Vigo Santa Fe Pinto Beans & Rice
Vigo Santa Fe Pinto Beans & Rice

5. Pinto Beans, Dried

Pinto Beans Dried
Pinto Beans Dried

These pinto beans are not only delicious but these are also organic and free from GMO.

Consuming pinto beans is a great way to add a good source of protein in your diets.

These are a great addition to your existing dishes including dips and soups.

These come in plastic bags which are FDA approved.

After packaging these last long for up to one year.

Pinto Beans, Dried
Pinto Beans, Dried

6. Bob's Red Mill Pinto Beans

Bob's Red Mill Pinto Beans
Bob's Red Mill Pinto Beans

Pinto beans are great source of nutrition and anyone can use these.

However, these are also great for vegans and vegetarians as pinto beans are rich in protein, fiber and iron. One serving of these gives you 10 g protein.

These have the creamy texture and beautiful color.

Bob's Red Mill Pinto Beans
Bob's Red Mill Pinto Beans

Alternatives to Pinto Beans:

While you want to enjoy pinto beans but for some reason you
also want to know about some substitutes of pinto beans. Here is list of some
of these:

1. Anasazi Beans

We put it at first number because these are closely related to pinto beans. While the name of these beans is because of Anasazi civilization in which this bean was discovered. This way it is also an ancient bean.

The creamy taste of these beans is similar to pinto beans
but it is bit sweet. In nutritional benefits both Anasazi and Pinto beans
contain 10g protein for each serving. Now, when we talk about iron, Anasazi
provides 15 percent of daily requirement of iron whereas the pinto beans
provide less than 7 percent of iron as a comparison.

2. Borlotti Beans

These are another kind of beans similar to pinto beans
because of their distinctive color. This bean is also known as cranberry bean.
These beans have pinkish areas around the skin and red and brown marks around
the beans. These beans are popular in Italian dishes and these beans have
smooth texture along with the sweet taste.

3. Kidney Beans

If for some reason you may still not be in reach of Borlotti
Beans, the kidney beans are the most suitable beans in this case. Not only
these are popular beans, but also most nutritious. The texture of kidney beans
is similar to pinto beans. If you want soft skin kidney beans, you should go
for white kidney beans as red ones have bit tough skin.

Is it necessary to Soak Pinto Beans?

Yes. Soaking is important to consume healthy pinto beans as
these become easy to digest by removing some of its indigestible sugars which
cause flatulence.

It is easy to soak and you can do it different ways. It can
either be done by soaking overnight, which usually takes about 8 hours. If you
are in a hurry, add these in a large bowl and fill it with water which should
be 2 to 3 inches high. Boil these for a few minutes and cover the bowl for an
hour and then drain these.

What is Nutritional Value of Pinto Beans?

Pinto beans are popular for their nutritional value and are
better alternatives for healthy nutrients for vegans. Lets talk about how these
are the best beans:


Because pinto beans have more protein, which is 15 grams in
each serving, many vegans find it an important meal in their diet.


Experts suggest pinto beans as a healthy alternative as
these are really low in fat, helping you lose weight effectively. However,
canned pinto beans have some fat, because these may be cooked with fat. While
it is not always necessary that canned pinto beans would be high in fat, there
are many brands, where the fat is not used in the canned pinto beans. If you
are consuming organic pinto beans, the fat would be near to nothing, or may be
merely 3 grams in a single half cup of those beans.

Pinto Bean FAQs

Some questions asked by people and their answers.

Are pinto beans good for diabetics?

Almost all kinds of beans are good for diabetes. However,
for pinto beans, you should consume dried beans, and not the salted canned
beans. Pinto beans have more protein which gives different health benefits.

Are pinto beans good for weight loss?

Because these are very high in fiber and some great
nutrients yet minimal calories and salt, pinto beans have become great beans
for weight loss.

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