5+ Best Oil for Frying Fish which have the High Smoke Point

by Touseef Shaikh

Frying fish is a great way to make a healthy dinner even healthier. However, you if you are frying fish, you should know the right type of oil that has a high smoke point. There are different oils with high to low smoke points. If you are new to frying a fish; finding the best oil for frying fish can be a challenge. Frying a fish requires high temperatures and oil should have the right smoke points to enjoy your fish with a great flavor.

Best Oil For Frying Fish
Best Oil For Frying Fish

Who doesn't like crispy fried foods which can take like 10 minutes to make when you have a fryer on the stove. However, to make your fried food healthier, you should know what is the right oils for frying fish, which are described here in this article.

Best Oil for Frying Fish

Amazon Brand - Happy Belly Peanut Oil, 128 Fl Oz
Amazon Brand - Happy Belly Peanut Oil, 128 Fl Oz

Here are some of the Best Oils for Frying Fish which you can use when you have to fry fish or other dishes. This article may also help you find the best type of oil for your fish and other recipes. So choose an oil that is right for your fish.

There are 4 Oils that can be great for frying or deep frying fish with a high smoke point, and to be considered healthy:

  1. Coconut Oil.
  2. Peanut Oil.
  3. Palm Oil.
  4. Olive Oil.
  5. Canola Oil.

And here is why:

Coconut Oil

If you haven't been using this oil in your cooking, you shouldn't underestimate this oil. This oil isn't limited to beauty. It is also nutritional and can be consumed with different foods. Now when talking about deep frying fish; the oil has its importance for deep frying fish. In other words, that can be one of the best oils for frying fish deep frying.

Coconut Oil For Frying Fish
Coconut Oil For Frying Fish

Coconut oil has a neutral flavor to reduce the flavor transfer when you have to deep fry the fish in the different batches of frying ( 1). When you are deep frying fish, you have to keep in mind that, if you aren't using the right oil, you may end up turning your fish too greasy, otherwise a leathery look.

Not only the oil has a smoke point of 450 Degrees Fahrenheit, the oil itself is considered healthy when compared with other oils.

Here are some of the best coconut oils that are great for frying or cooking:

Viva Naturals - Link

100 percent organic and cold pressed, with its plethora of kitchen and makeup fixes, our Extra Virgin Coconut Oil can take you from morning to night. This oil is a real superhero in cooking, baking, and many other items with whole-body benefits from one product.

  • Crafted from Organic, Raw Coconuts
  • Great for frying & heating
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Our Naturally Distilled Organic Coconut Oil is a perfect substitution for butter, margarine or Crisco, including its neutral flavor and feel. It is ideal for high heat frying with a smoke point of 425 ° F and this also contains energy-driving medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) that can help to improve the energy.

Peanut Oil

Similar to the some other oils, peanut oil also has a neutral flavor making it ideal for your fried fish. And its smoke point is also 450 Degrees F. No flavor is transferred to the fish when deep frying. Now when talking about whether it is healthy? Though it is a plant-based oil, this oil is good, but not as healthy as some other oils. So, because of high smoke point, this can be another best oil for frying the fish.

Peanut Oil For Frying Fish
Peanut Oil For Frying Fish

Natural Peanut Oil - Link

The unrefined peanut oil from NatureMills is extracted from naturally grown peanuts. Carefully chosen and cold pressed by conventional methods.

A decent choice for healthy frying is Nature Mills Cold pressed Oil because it can be heated to a higher temperature than most other oils.

Peanut Oil is high in unsaturated fats such as olive oil, particularly monounsaturated fats, as well as a source of heart-health-supporting antioxidants, vitamin E and phytosterols.

AIVA Organic Peanut Oil - Link

Groundnut Oil or Organic Peanut Oil. It has a delicate, healthy nutty taste that contains natural antioxidants, is energy-rich and has different medicinal properties.

Aiva Brands Organic Peanut has a nutty taste and is Cold-Pressed (or sometimes referred to as Ground Nut).

The Organic GroundNut Oil of Aiva can be used for frying or baking as it has a high 320 ° F/160 ° C smoke point.

This oil can also be used for body massage as it has a mild nutty scent in addition to cooking, which can have a rejuvenating feeling.

Palm Oil

Because it consists of saturated and monosaturated fats, this oil can be great for deep frying the fish. This is the 3rd oil with neutral flavor aside from Coconut and Peanut oil. The oil has high saturated fats so make sure you do not use too much. The smoke point is 230°C which is equivalent to (446 F).

Palm Oil
Palm Oil

Folebe Oil - Link

Folebe Palm Oil is rich in natural compounds that are important for everyday meals and wellbeing. Palm Oil is a natural source of anti-oxidants, vitamin E and carotenoids and is free of trans-fatty acids. It has phytosterol, which contains compounds that suppress cholesterol. Using the food in your next dish for the best taste and cultural flavor. This oil, at room temperature, is semi-solid. Place hot water in a bowl to heat, do not put a glass to melt oil on a lit burner.

Nutiva Certified Oil - Link

Red Palm Oil by Nutiva has a thick, buttery texture and taste. Few red palm oils have a heavy or rough taste, but when preserving the nutrients, our patented cold-filtration technology prevents any strong flavor. In the form of beta-carotene and unusual tocotrienols and tocopherols of the Vitamin E family, the rich orange color of red palm oil indicates the presence of antioxidant vitamins A and E. For vegetables and fruits, such as carrots and tomatoes, these nutrients provide color.

Olive Oil

Olive oil, particularly Extra-Virgin is an excellent choice for deep frying the fish. And when you will come up with an end result of the frying; you will find the most crispy crust.

Olive Oil
Olive Oil

According to Healthline, the smoke point of olive oils when deep frying the fish is 374-405°F (190-207°C) ( 2). Another kind of olive oil can be extra virgin olive oil which can also be suitable oils.

Canola Oil

The canola oil is the best vegetable oil for many foods. When frying fish, it's best to use canola oil because it has a high smoke point (for frying, the smoke point is the temperature at which the oil begins to smoke and break down).

The smoke point of canola oil is 460°F, that can be great for your fried fish and this is much higher than olive oil's smoke point of 410°F. If you have to deep fry the fish, that can be a good oil.

Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is great for deep frying, especially if you're frying fish. The Avocado oil has a high smoke point, which means that you can get the oil nice and hot before adding your food, and it won't degrade or turn rancid.

Other than that, this oil has a very neutral flavour and can be used in a variety of ways.

Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil is rich in vitamin E and is a good alternative to olive oil and canola oil for frying fish. It's flavourless and has a high smoke point (450°F), which means you can fry your fish at higher temperatures and it won't burn or turn rancid. Other than that this oil is also extremely mild and doesn't have a strong flavor, which makes it a good choice for sautéing and roasting vegetables.

Safflower Oil

AVO Naturally Processed NON-GMO High Oleic SAFFLOWER OIL for Frying, Baking, Non-Stick Sauteing, Salads, Vinaigrette, Marinades, Pan Coating, General Cooking – 1 GALLON
AVO Naturally Processed NON-GMO High Oleic SAFFLOWER OIL for Frying, Baking, Non-Stick Sauteing, Salads, Vinaigrette, Marinades, Pan Coating, General Cooking – 1 GALLON

I like to use a high heat oil like safflower oil to cook my fish because it has a the smoke point that is very high, you may be surprised that this oil has 510°F. I like to use a neutral oil like safflower oil because I don't want the flavour to overpower the delicate taste of the fish.

Is Pan Frying Better than the Skillet?

Pan frying fish is a simple way to make a delicious dinner and the method is easy to master. Heat a generous amount of oil in a pan (enough oil to cover the bottom of the pan) and wait for the oil to get hot. Place the fish in the pan and don't move it for a few minutes.

This is the easiest way to cook a fillet of fish. all you need is a frying pan, a knob of butter (or oil if you prefer) and a fish fillet.

A Delicious Deep Fried Fish is the result of selecting the right oil and the right frying pan.

Why is Smoke Point an Important aspect when Frying the Fish?

When the oil has the most smoke point, this means the oil should withstand the frying process for long and wouldn't burn when reaching the high smoke point for example 230°C or 446 F.

Are Unrefined Oils Better?

Oils like Avocado or Extra Virgin Olive Oils are usually unrefined, but the smoke point of these oils is high. This makes these oils healthy and best for frying.

What are some other Oils for Deep Frying Fish?

There can be a few more oils including canola oil, which is a vegetable oil. As canola oil has been used for long for frying and cooking like other vegetable oils. This can be a useful option for frying or deep fried fish or many other dishes. Some other oils include avocado oil that is also considered healthy oil.


So in this article you learned about some of the nice oils for frying or deep frying fish and what is the good smoke point. In this article you also learned what oils to use to deep fry your fish. So the best oil with a high smoking point oil like peanut oil or canola oil. You can also use organic extra virgin olive oil, but this is less suitable for high-temperature frying. When selecting oil for deep frying, you should always choose the right oil, and you can do that by learning what is the right oil by reading in this article. If you have any questions, please do ask.

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