Instant Iced Tea: 5 Awesome Brands for Ready-to-Make Tea

by Touseef Shaikh

If you enjoy drinking the tea (most people do), you may already know about iced tea. However, another variation of this tea is the instant iced tea. The concept is similar to the instant tea. Now if you don’t know about what instant tea is, it is usually in the powdered form. Because it can dissolve easily into water, it saves you time vs steeping and brewing the regular tea.

Instant Iced Tea
Instant Iced Tea

It might be surprising for you that instant tea isn’t that new. In 1885, the earliest version of instant tea was invented in the United Kingdom. For a paste made from condensed tea extract, sugar, and evaporated milk, which became tea when hot water was added, a patent was issued. 

So, this article is about instant iced tea so you can enjoy your favorite drink without spending much of your time. 

What Makes Instant Iced Tea Better when comparing Regular Tea?

There isn’t much of the difference this makes, however, as described above using instant iced tea can be prepared and served much faster than the regular where you may have to go through several steps to enjoy the iced tea. 

Other than that, you also have to make sure that you use only the best quality of powdered iced tea to make it healthier and delicious all at the same time. 

Adding some lemon to that would make the tea even better. 



A taste of brilliance for a better day. To make the most refreshingly delightful iced tea for you and your mates, Lipton’s master mixologist has created a delicious combination of Lipton ® Iced Tea Mix with Lemon taste. Brewed from actual leaves, these Iced Tea Blends are still pure and pleasing in flavor. Enjoy the sweet flavor of the Iced Tea Blend from Lipton®

Arizona Tea:

Best on the go Tea: Now you may now take with you a lightweight powder mix, as you enjoy many things about ice cold tea! In your pocket & wallet, these sugar free stix tea suit. Add, shake & enjoy, to a water bottle or travel mug!

POWDERED DRINK MIX: The handy sugar free powdered iced tea blends, formulated with splenda, contain more tea content with more taste & natural antioxidants per sip than most mixes. 

4C Lemon Iced Tea:

The 4C Lemon Iced Tea Blend incorporates black tea, real sugar and natural lemon flavour in an unbeatable way. It makes ten quarts and is packaged to make your life simple in an easy-open canister with a measuring scoop. 


A light tea blend that is boosted by the fresh and tangy lemon taste

Refreshing beverage, perfect for vegetarians. In a bottle (150ml) of cold water, mix 1 tablespoon (13g) of NESTEA powder. Stir thoroughly. Add 2 cubes of ice. 1 NESTEA Iced Tea glass is ready for serving!

Around 30 glasses of iced tea make this 400g pouch.

NESTEA is available in an exciting Lemon Flavour pack of 400g and 26g (2 Serves) 

Crystal Light serves up taste without the pounds in their easy powdered soft drink combination at just 5 calories per serving. The Light Drink Crystal will make your kitchen a tasty and nutritious addition. It is 98% gluten-free and free of caffeine, has low sodium, and is really low calorie, so it can be used for certain diets. In 16 resealable pitcher packs that are simple to prepare, the beverage mix comes with. 

Instant Iced Tea Recipe:

After learning about some of these best instant iced teas, you may also want to know how to make this tea, here is a recipe that may help you in making your delicious instant iced tea: 

Calories in Iced Tea:

Now it depends on different ingredients the iced tea has from one brand to another. If the tea is unsweetened, it would have 0 calories which would be suitable for the sugar-free diet. On an average, calories in the sweetened teas would have somewhere from 50 to 100 calories per serving. 

So what are some Key Takeaways from the Instant Iced Tea? 

Here are a few points in this article:

  1. Instant Iced tea is easy to make and can be great for on-the-go as it is usually in the powdered form. 
  2. This tea isn’t that new as it started in the 1885. 
  3. This tea can either be unsweetened or can have some slight sugar depending on different brands. 

If you have any questions about instant iced tea, please do ask in the comments. 

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