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17 Best Brands of White Tea and Health Benefits

White tea is the most delicate tea when comparing it with other tea types. The reason for this tea is white; it is harvested even before leaves of the tea plant are completely open. And the young buds are covered with fine white hairs. While it is less processed as compared to other teas, making it antioxidants rich tea. Though the plant is the same Camellia Sinensis that produces those different teas. Oxidation is the only thing which differs each of these. The more the tea leaves are oxidized the darker these become and various tea types get produced that way. As white tea is rare, and you may be going for it for the first time. We have searched 17 best brands of white tea, so you can find the right one depending on your taste.

Best Brands of White Tea

How Does White Tea Taste Like?

White tea has low aroma and it is slightly sweet. Because it is usually infused with fruit flavors like peach, berries and others. This tea can be enjoyed with different flavors. However, various white tea brands may have different ways to brew. So, it is better to read the brewing instructions given by them, such as at what temperature you should brew it.

Here is the list of some of the best brands of white tea:

1. Yogi Tea – Honey Lavender Stress Relief

Yogi Tea Honey Lavender Stress Relief

It is a stress relieving tea which contains a combination of Lavender, Chamomile, Natural Honey Flavor and Lemon Balm.

This tea blend contains herbs which are used traditionally to provide relaxation.

It is free from caffeine, free from Gluten, Doesn’t contain artificial flavors or any sweeteners.

Directions to Brew: Boil the water and steep for 7 minutes. If you need a strong tea, you should add two teabags.

2. Teavana Youthberry, White Tea

Teavana Youthberry White Tea

This white tea contains a number of ingredients to ignite your senses including; white tea, orange, mango, rose petals and hibiscus.

This tea is blended by experts to provide you with maximum quality and taste.

It comes with 15 sachets in each pack and it has 4 packs so you get total of 60 sachets.



This white tea is great even if you want to serve either hot or cold.

It gives you a refreshing cup of pomegranate white tea with every tea bag.

It is naturally filled with antioxidants and caffeine.

This pack comes with 25 tea bags which are wrapped individually.

4. Tea Forté Organic White Tea WHITE GINGER PEAR

Tea Forté Organic White Tea WHITE GINGER PEAR

It is the organic white tea which comes in a tin which is re-usable and recyclable.

Each of the canister is suitable to make somewhere from 35 to 50 cups.

It has the tangy flavor of citrus along with spicy ginger finish.

It is infused with lemon balm to give you relaxing and soothing experience.

Brewing Method: To enjoy a delicious cup of tea, heat the water at 195 degrees F. Then steep it for 2 to 4 minutes.

5. Numi Organic Tea-White Rose

Numi Organic Tea White Rose

It is the antioxidants rich white tea along with whole organic rosebuds to give you a delicious cup of tea for soothing experience.

This tea is lightly caffeinated and relaxing tea.

Even if it is morning, after, evening or any time of the day, it can be served as hot or cold tea.

6. REPUBLIC OF TEA Ginger Peach White Tea

REPUBLIC OF TEA Ginger Peach White Tea

This white tea has a beautiful blend of sweet peach along with the sprinkle of spicy ginger. That provides you with an unmatched taste with a lovely fragrance too.

It is 100 percent white tea which grows only in Fujian Province in China.

Because white tea is processed the least as compared to most other teas; it contains much more antioxidants.

It contains less caffeine naturally and whether it is day or night, you enjoy your cup of delicious tea.

Another thing about this tea is; you can serve it hot or iced tea.

7. Teabox Himalayan Darjeeling White Tea

Teabox Himalayan Darjeeling White Tea

By using this white tea, you can serve a delicious cup of tea easily simply by dipping it in your cup.

For best results steep it for 4 minutes.

It has silky texture along with floral aroma.

The nitrogen-flushed bags of tea keep it fresh.

8. Prince of Peace Organic White Tea

Prince of Peace Organic White Tea 100 Count

Because this white tea is processed less, the antioxidants are three times more in it.

Its caffeine level is only 15 to 20 mg per serving.

As each tea bag is wrapped individually; the quality remains fresh.

It features a fresh bamboo fragrance.

Its ingredients like honey, oak, vanilla and chestnut gives it a bold flavor.

9. Harney & Sons Caffeinated Wedding White Tea

Harney & Sons Caffeinated Wedding White Tea With Rosebuds and Petals

It has notes of Vanilla and Citrus along with a touch of Rosebuds and Petals.

This tin comes with 20 sachets.

On any occasion this Wedding Tea presents a really Special Tea.

Its beautiful tin makes it a perfect wedding reception favor.

10. Tea Drops Tea, Vanilla White

Tea Drops Tea, Vanilla White

It can be a perfect gift for Valentines or for tea lovers.

The Vanilla White Tea can be great tea for those who love herbal tea.

Its recyclable packaging makes it ideal for travels.

Directions to Serve: Simply add one Tea Drop into your cup and A 8 to 12 oz boiled water over it. Next thing is simply stir, sip and enjoy.

11. Tazo Berryblossom White Tea

Tazo Berryblossom White Tea

This white tea is infused with blue berry flavor.

This pack comes with 20 tea bags in six boxes which mean these are a total of 120 tea bags.

Each of these bags are wrapped individually and sealed.

While enjoying this tea, the notes of blue berry may surprise you.

This white tea contains natural blue berry along with cranberry flavors to give you a complete taste.

12. Taylors of Harrogate White Tea

Taylors of Harrogate White Tea

This is the great and soothing white tea, which is grown in China.

It is light, as it is processed the least as compared to other teas.

It has floral notes along with delicate hints of the peach which gives you relaxing experience.

13. Elitea Supreme Silver Needle White Tea

Elitea Supreme Silver Needle White Tea

This tea is made over the two seasons which starts in the early spring till summer.

It is made by using only the top grade white tea buds.

This bold sweet tea has aroma of brisk Jasmine fragrance and it is healthy for all seasons.

To keep this white tea fresh, you should keep it away from the hot temperatures and sunlight.

14. Mighty Leaf Tea, White Orchard

Mighty Leaf Tea, White Orchard

It contains ingredients like Chinese white tea, peach and melon.

Each pack contains 15 pouches and it is pack of 3 so these are total of 45 pouches.

It provides you with a pure and delicate cup of tea.

This all natural white tea has whole tea leaves.

It has low caffeine.

15. Tealyra – Premium White Silver Needle Tea

Tealyra Premium White Silver Needle Tea

It is produced traditionally in the Fujian Province in China and it is popular in China for thousands of years.

This white tea is made from 100 percent early spring tea buds giving you a delightful taste.

As it is enriched with antioxidants, it has number of health benefits including neutralizing harmful free radicals effects.

This tea has the sweet taste naturally.

16. Revolution Tea White Pear Tea

Revolution Tea White Pear Tea

This white tea has the fragrance of the pear; you may feel the pear is freshly-picked.

It comes in pack of 6 and each pack has 16 tea bags, making it total of 96 tea bags.

Being a white tea it contains really high amount of antioxidants.

As you pour boiling water over the tea bags you can watch the tea leaves expand and infuse giving you a flavorful tea.

17. Orange Peach White Tea

Orange Peach White Tea

It is a delicious white tea and you can either enjoy it hot or with ice.

It is the 2 oz tea which is suitable to make about 36 cups of tea with 8 oz water.

The ingredients of this tea are: Bai Mu Dan White Tea, Peach, Orange, Marigold and Safflower.

Directions to Serve: Take 1 tbsp with 8 oz of boiling water. After pouring boiling water over the tea, steep it for 2 minutes. Same leaf can be used two times.

White Tea Health Benefits:

Because white tea is least processed as compared to other tea types, the benefit of this tea type are enormous. Lets talk about some of these:

Enriched with Antioxidants

Our body needs antioxidants to protect our body from free radicals. When there are so many free radicals in our body, these cause damages and diseases. The polyphenols in the white tea protect our body from many diseases.

Helps in Losing Weight

When you think about losing weight, in the first few things green tea or herbal tea may come to mind. White tea is equally great, but as it is least processed it is more beneficial for fat burning.

Protecting Teeth

White tea is also rich in catechins and fluoride along with tannins which help teeth from different problems cavities and plaque.

Strengthening Bones

The white tea contains many compounds which are helpful for bone health. Those compounds in white tea help in lowering the risk of osteoporosis by helping with bone growth.

White Tea vs Other Tea Types:

No doubt white tea is the great kind of tea, but if you want to know its comparison with other tea types, here it is below:

White Tea vs Green Tea

While green tea is most popular and many healthcare professionals would recommend this tea. white tea is not that common and it is rare. Being plucked from same plant make both teas most beneficial. But, white tea is least processed and that is the reason it contains more antioxidants. Another reason white tea is bit better than that is it has less caffeine than green tea.

White Tea vs Black Tea

As in comparison with white tea, the black tea is fully oxidized has much more caffeine and is beneficial. But, it has more caffeine as compared to white and green teas. It can be ideal for people who have night shifts and want to stay awaken late nights or need caffeine boost. White tea is also made of the same leaf with minimal process is great for people looking for most antioxidants from the tea.

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