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Why Drinking Tea is the Right Thing to Do

When it comes to teas, there is no such thing as a universal tea. In fact, there is such a wide variety of teas that it can be difficult for someone new to tea to understand the differences. However, when you look closely, there are some things that all tea have in common. They all come from the same plant plants, camellia sinensis, and all have different characteristics that make them unique.

A big difference between the two types of tea is the method in which they are made using the leaves. Loose tea leaves are separated into three groups: green tea, black tea, and oolong tea. They are all made using the same process, but a slight difference in the amount of drying is needed.

Another tea that is gaining popularity in the Western world is the White Tea. As the name would suggest, white tea is made from the white buds, of the camellia sinensis plant. The white buds are not truly oxidized when they are picked, meaning that there is no need to process them.

Today, there is a strong push towards a more organic way of living, and tea drinkers in India are using this trend to make their tea more environmentally friendly. As a result, the tea plant is often left un-roasted, so that the natural flavor comes through. Un-roasted tea leaves tend to retain more of the floral flavors from the flower, rather than the intense spice of the black variety.

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