5 Best Vegan Cookie Brands which are Free of Gluten and Artificial Flavors

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Cookies or Biscuits are enjoyed as the regular snack. It is usually used while watching movies or when inviting your guests. However, when you are on a specific diet like vegan; you would prefer vegan cookies. Those cookies do not contain animal products but are made of ingredients like; whole grains, vegan butter and other similar ingredients. There are so many brands of vegan cookies and this article includes some of the best vegan cookie brands to help you find the right one.

What are Vegan Cookies

Vegan cookies are a delicious and indulgent snack or dessert. They are made from either a mixture of vegan ingredients or completely vegan ingredients. A variation on plain old oatmeal cookies, these vegan cookies have a wonderful texture and a chewy texture that are not found in traditional cookie recipes.

The base of almost any vegan cookies consists of flour, baking powder, vegan butter, and a selection of vegan cookies flavorings. One of the most popular flavorings for vegan cookies is vanilla. Other popular ingredients include nuts, spices, and powdered sugar. While it may sound complicated, vegan cookies can be made very quickly with just a few simple ingredients.

Here is the list of some of the best vegan cookie brands which have the great taste:

Top 5 Best Vegan Cookie Brands
Top 5 Best Vegan Cookie Brands



These cookies are made of the finest organic products and these are full of chocolate chips along with walnuts.

These do not contain dairy or the refined sugars.

It is free from the hydrogenated oils.

These cookies are soft and chewy and come in the 12 oz bags.

2. Swedish Original Ginger Snaps Cookies

Swedish Original Ginger Snaps Cookies
Swedish Original Ginger Snaps Cookies

These cookies are made of the natural organic food ingredients and are baked delicately by using the wheat flour and these are great for keto and vegan diets.

The way these are packed, makes these the best gift for your friends.

It comes in the 300 g bag.

3. Lucy's Chocolate Chip Cookies

Lucy's Chocolate Chip Cookies
Lucy's Chocolate Chip Cookies

These are delicious and the award winning chocolate chip cookies which are crispy and are great in the taste.

These cookies are gluten free and are vegan.

These do not contain tree nuts, peanuts, eggs or the milk.

These are all natural cookies and are free from GMO.

4. Partake Crunchy Cookies

Partake Crunchy Cookies
Partake Crunchy Cookies

These cookies are Vegan and Gluten Free and made by using the simple and whole food ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, ancient grains and some sugar.

These cookies do not contain the tree nuts, wheat, eggs, soy, shellfish and fish etc.

Other than that, these cookies also don't contain Lupin, Sulfites, Sesame and Mustard etc.

5. GOODTO GO Soft Baked Bars

GOODTO GO Soft Baked Bars
GOODTO GO Soft Baked Bars

These vegan cookies are soft baked and are easy to break and these are great for different diets such as Paleo and Gluten free diet.

Not only that, these cookies are also low in sugar and high fiber cookies.

The sugar is only 2 grams and these are delicious and suitable for the paleo diet.

Who Shouldn't Eat These?

While a balanced diet is best, some vegan cookies are not appropriate for those with allergies or other health problems. Vegan cookies that contain wheat, rye, or barley should be avoided by individuals with food allergies and other health conditions. Even ingredients such as soy and nuts can be difficult for those with certain allergies to digest. There are several "heel" foods that are difficult for those with specific food allergies to digest. Most of these ingredients can be found on the grocery store shelves, although some may not be widely available. To make vegan cookies that are not potentially harmful, it is important to choose the best ingredients possible.

Most vegan cookie brands are gluten free, however there are a few exceptions. Gluten free cookie brands that are popular include oats, rolled oats, and steel cut oats. It is important to read the ingredients list on the back of the packaging to determine which ingredients will be in each recipe. Many of these products do not use any ingredients that are derived from animals, such as honey, whey, eggs, or other dairy products. Other vegan cookie brands may use artificial ingredients, such as sugar or artificial flavorings.

Do People Really Enjoy those Vegan Cookies?

If you love chocolate, then these vegan cookies are a must try. Made with vegan ingredients such as cocoa powder, peanut butter, vanilla extract, eggs, and coconut oil, these vegan cookies have a velvety texture and a rich, bitter-sweet taste that rival any cookie made with animal products.

Delicious cookies are also good for you. Since they are high in fibre, they keep you feeling full for a longer period of time. Vegan cookies are especially good for those watching their cholesterol levels. They are also naturally sweet, which is another bonus. In addition to being healthy, vegan cookies are relatively cheap compared to other vegan products.

How to make at home?

The simplest vegan cookie recipe is a combination of oatmeal, vanilla, maple syrup, and baking soda. This makes a lovely thick and gooey middle layer in my cookies. You could also make these from scratch by using your own recipes or from a store-bought vegan cookie mix. Just use vegetable shortening instead of eggs if you prefer a vegan cookie with no egg. For a sweeter version, add some vegan honey or agave nectar. Another great addition is to grate some walnuts over the mixture for a richer flavor.

If you don't want to eat eggs, another option for vegan cookies is to use soy eggs. These look and feel just like regular eggs, but contain no cholesterol and only 1.5 grams of fat per serving. They are also easier than you think to prepare; simply soak the egg in water for a few minutes and then add them to your cookie batter.

Here is one of the video on how to make 3 different vegan cookies:

Are Vegan Cookies Healthy?

One thing about vegan cookies that surprises many people is that they contain little in the way of sugar or fat. In fact, the only ingredient you will find is soy flour, which is a great source of fiber. Fiber provides a filling to the cookie and makes it soft while still maintaining its crunch. This is important because many people do not feel they can snack on a sugary cookie without feeling guilty afterward.

Another surprising aspect of vegan cookies is that they are very wholesome and do not contain any processed or artificial ingredients. Many non-vegan cookies contain high levels of trans fats and/or sugar. These ingredients are not only bad for your health but also cause serious health problems when eaten regularly. Surprisingly however, there is a vegan version of the traditional cookie. These "dairy-free" cookies do not use eggs and are made with coconut flour.

Vegan Cookies are Low in Calories

There are many healthy snack options for those who wish to reduce their calorie intake without sacrificing variety. Many raw vegan desserts can be made with fruits or nuts, similar to a traditional chocolate chip cookie. Nuts provide plenty of protein, which will help you feel fuller for a longer period of time, giving you more energy to move throughout the day. Fruits, on the other hand, contain generous amounts of fiber and vitamins that help maintain the weight loss that you're attempting. Combining the raw vegan desserts with other fruits or nuts can provide an even healthier combination.

So What are the Vegan Cookies?

In conclusion, what are vegan cookies? Vegan is not just about the ingredients in the recipe, but it is a term that is used to describe any type of diet that focuses on reducing or eliminating animal products from the diet. There are many vegan cookie recipes available, and there are many different types of vegan desserts that can be created. Whether you make your own vegan cookies or bake them from scratch using vegan ingredients, you can enjoy delicious vegan cookie nutrition and have the added benefits of reducing animal exploitation while enjoying your new dessert.

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