5 Best Aloe Vera Juice Brands: How to Drink That?

by Touseef Shaikh

How many times have we heard about Aloe Vera benefits? Maybe too many times. Have we tried consuming it? Absolutely not. Because we didn't know how. Even when there are so many recipes around on how to grind those big Aloe Vera leaves to juice these, we may often find it challenging. So, what we do is, we ignore doing that and look for something else.

The solution? Aloe Vera Juice Brands : Juices that are already prepared and ready to drink out of the bottle. See how easy that is?

There are different manufacturers who have worked hard to make some of the great Aloe Vera Juices. Many are even blended with some other fruits to make these more delicious.

Here is what you will find in this article:

  1. Best Aloe Vera Juice Brands.
  2. What are some types of Aloe Vera Juice?
  3. Some common questions with answers about the juice.

Lets start with brands:

Top 5 Best Aloe Vera Juice Brands:

So, instead of forcing you to juice the actual big leaves of Aloe Vera, here are some of the best Aloe Vera Juice Brands you may really enjoy drinking.

Top 5 Best Aloe Vera Juice Brands:
Top 5 Best Aloe Vera Juice Brands:

1. Alo Original Comfort Aloe Vera + Watermelon + Peach - Link

You will be smiling all day with the comforting combination of watermelon with peach. It is a pleasant mix of flavours that satisfies since it refreshes.

And More Goodness Is Here:

  • Sweetened with sugar cane
  • Aloin-Free Goodness Dependent on Plants
  • True juice & pulp of aloe vera-never from powder

Alo's commitment to using natural fruit and vegetable juices, herbal and other fine ingredients offers a fantastic taste. ALO Aloe Vera Juice drinks are naturally delightful with natural flavours such as raspberry, pear and watermelon.

2. Lakewood Organic PURE Aloe - Link

  • New Pressed ® juice in every bottle from 3 lbs of organic aloe!
  • Simple Aloe Juice and Lemon Juice Herbal.
  • From new aloe pressed pasteurised juice.
  • Latex and Aloin Free* - less than 2ppm of Aloin used.
  • Natural Certified.
  • Free of Gluten and GMO
  • Allergens-free - 8 dietary allergens per FDA.

When you have opened it, refrigerate the bottle. Use within 2 weeks of opening for optimum consistency and freshness. Products with natural juices will relax and shake before serving.

3. Iberia Aloe Vera Juice Drink With Chia Seeds - Link

  • For those looking to add their diet to a healthier drink option, 100 percent raw Iberia Aloe juices are appropriate.
  • Iberia Aloe Vera Juice is made from authentic, sustainably grown aloe vera pulp and other 100 percent pure ingredients.
  • An excellent tasting drink in a BPA-free bottle is the Iberia aloe vera drink with Chia seeds, NO ARTIFICIAL Ingredients, NO Colours and NO PRESERVATIVES. Non GMO and Dairy FREE.

4. Alfa Vitamins - Link

  • This Aloe Vera juice has a natural fruit taste and the finest genuine natural pulp of high quality on the market.
  • For an improved water option, Aloe Vera is electrolyte-infused, fortified with echinacea, and vitamins/minerals.
  • For a perfect cooling taste, Aloe Vera is prepared with true fruit juices.

With Advantages

  • It includes minerals, amino acids and vitamins that are important.
  • With Echinacea enriched.
  • Natural sweetening agents
  • Natural pulp of fresh Aloe from a plant
  • Only 60 calories from each serving.

5. OKF Aloe Vera King - Link

  • Ideal for boosting -Digestion-Skin-Energy.
  • Sleek & sporty shaped bottle; suitable for versatility on the go.
  • Flavor, Health & Wellness Ideal Fusion; No Preservatives.
  • Filled with Antioxidants, Betacarotene, & Vitamin C

OKF King Premium with Aloe Vera All Natural Drink Aloe Vera Original taste. Premium All Natural Original Flavor Aloe Vera Beverages. If there is one herb that is the most important to humans on earth, it is definitely aloe vera. It is understood that Aloe vera has 74 incredible nutrients.

Are some real benefits of drinking Aloe Vera Juice?

There are a number of benefits when it comes to drinking the Aloe Vera juice, but here are a few of these:

Helps with Hydration:

The aloe plant is very water-dense, so by drinking the juice dehydration is avoided or treated. By having a means for you to purge and wash off impurities, remaining hydrated helps the body detox. The juice also packs a hefty punch of nutrients that maximise the organ production of your body.

Relieving Constipation:

Try adding aloe vera juice into your everyday routine whether you're constipated or have trouble with chronic constipation. The beneficial bacteria in your gut are also normalised by Aloe, keeping the healthy intestinal flora balanced.


The juice of Aloe vera is jam-packed with nutrients. Drinking the juice is a great way to guarantee that you do not get defective. It contains vitamins and minerals that are essential, such as vitamins B, C, E and folic acid.

Aloe Vera Juice Types:

Whole Leaf and Inner Fillet are two main types of the aloe vera. Both are useful and have healthy properties. Manufacturers can make the juice by either one of these types. Here is more about those types:

Whole Leaf:

All of the aloe vera leaves contain aloin, a yellow sap that comes from under the surface of the plant.

This aloin has laxative effects that are unpleasant on the body, with a bitter flavour. Consequently, it may be said that eating whole raw aloe vera leaves is likely to have harmful effects.

However, the whole leaf form is better when refined into aloe vera juice, since it is filtered to eliminate aloin and other unnecessary additives.

Inner Fillet:

This facilitates maximum digestive health. It provides support for the overall health of the immune system. Aloe Vera Gel helps reduce the amount of contaminants in the body that are toxic. This works to further improve the absorption of nutrients from food in your body.

Some Questions and Answers about Aloe Vera Juice:

What Aloe Vera Juice tastes like?

Antioxidant-rich aloe vera has a distinct vegetable taste, as you might expect. With what is generally known as an acidic consistency, it's mildly bitter, but there is a touch of sweetness there, though.

How much to drink aloe vera juice per day?

For most people, drinking about eight ounces of aloe vera juice per day is the sweet spot.

How much aloe vera juice for constipation?

Some use 100-200 mg of aloe juice or 50 mg of aloe extract daily, for constipation when required.

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