6 Best Jasmine Rice Brands – Its Recipes and Substitutes

Best Jasmine Rice Brands

This rice looks similar to white rice but it is Jasmine Rice. The difference in both white and jasmine rice is; the white is usually short, medium to long grain, whereas, jasmine is the long grain and fragrant rice. However, the basmati rice is longer than jasmine rice, but the jasmine rice is thicker than the basmati rice. It is mainly grown in the Thailand and is one of the Oryza sativa rice type. The flavor is bit sweet when it is cooked. Not only this rice is high in the fiber but also adds good aroma to your dishes. In this article, you will learn about some of the best jasmine rice brands, how it is different and its recipes and substitutes.

Jasmine Rice Types:

It can either be white or brown jasmine rice. The white is polished and the brown jasmine rice is unpolished. However, both rice types have different vitamins and minerals.

Best Jasmine Rice Brands:

Here is the list of best jasmine rice brands for adding the great flavor to your dishes:

1. Iberia Jasmine Rice

Iberia Jasmine Rice, 5 lbs Long Grain Naturally Fragrant Enriched Jasmine Rice

This rice adds the unique flavor to your dishes and has a great jasmine aroma.

The preparation of this rice is simple.

It is enjoyed with different vegetables and herbs or can be eaten as plain rice.

For preparing it, you should bring the water to boil and then cover and cook it for around 15 to 20 minutes on the low heat.

2. Lundberg Family Farms Organic Jasmine Rice

Lundberg Family Farms Organic Jasmine Rice

This rice is free from gluten and it is USDA Organic.

This rice has the delicious flavor when cooked and has the soft texture.

Not only is this rice good for recipes but also a great addition for the side dishes.

It comes in the 25 pound bag.

3. Roland Jasmine Rice

Roland Jasmine Rice, 20 Pound

It is not only flavorful rice but also is fragrant.

It doesn’t contain gluten and also has no trans fat.

To prepare this rice, you have to simmer it with the boiling water for about 15 minutes until the water is absorbed.

This rice comes in the 20 pound bag.

4. Mahatma Jasmine Rice

Mahatma Jasmine Rice, 20-Pound

This rice is Non-GMO and doesn’t contain preservatives.

It is great for almost any time such as breakfast, lunch or the dinner.

This rice takes 15 minutes to prepare and is nutritious for different recipes.

It enhances the taste of your dishes.

5. Della Rice Jasmine White Rice

Della Rice Jasmine White Rice

This Jasmine White Rice is 100 percent Pure.

Della Jasmine Rice is grown in USA and its packaging preserves its freshness and the taste.

It is free from GMO and gluten.

Its nutty and mellow taste makes it great for your favorite dishes.

It is all-natural rice and its resealable packaging makes it easy for you to open and close.

It is low fat and free from sodium and is good for people who suffer from food allergy also.

6. Prime Fit Series 100% Organic Thai Brown Jasmine Rice

Prime Fit Series 100% Organic Thai Brown Jasmine Rice

This rice is 100 percent Organic Certified by USDA, and it is free from gluten and GMO.

Its vacuum packaging keeps the rice fresh.

This rice is rich in fiber and promotes the healthy digestion.

It comes in the convenient calorie count packaging.

This rice is vegan friendly and has the good smell.

Some Similar Rice Types:

There are some of the similar rice types to the jasmine rice. These similar ones can be interchangeably used with jasmine rice:

White Rice:

While jasmine rice is long grain and the fragrant rice; one of the most similar is white rice, which has the similar nutritional values. Both white and jasmine rice have similar carbs, calories, fiber and protein. The cooking quality of the jasmine rice is excellent. Another difference is color. White rice is white, whereas, jasmine can be brown, white, black, purple, red color or black. Now, if we talk about which one is the healthier; brown jasmine rice being less processed is healthier than the white jasmine rice and the white rice.

Basmati Rice:

If it is about aroma, basmati rice also has its own similar fragrance. So, this rice makes it a good substitute to the jasmine rice. Both are long grain rice types.

Nutrition and Benefits:

Not only it adds floral taste to your existing dishes, it is enriched with different vitamins and nutrients to keep you healthy. Here are some of the benefits:

If you want to add great taste to your dishes, it works as side dish. However, it is low in nutrients similar to the white rice, you would have to consume it along with other high nutrition foods. While if it is brown jasmine rice, it is the whole grain and is more nutritious than the white jasmine rice.

In nutrition, 3/4th cup of the jasmine white rice when cooked contains; 160 calories, 36 grams carbohydrates, protein (3 grams), whereas, there is 0 grams of fat, the cholesterol, fiber and iron.

People in athletes would have to eat different foods to get enough nutrition along with white jasmine rice, to meet their daily nutritional requirements.


This fragrant rice has a number of recipes to give you great aroma with the taste. First you may need to know how to cook jasmine rice:

Here is how to cook the jasmine rice:

Jasmine Rice with Mixed Vegetables:

Here is a healthy recipe of the jasmine rice with different vegetables. In which you need vegetable oil, a medium onion, a grated carrot, the fish sauce, lime juice, chili sauce and few more ingredients. Here is the recipe.

Some Common Questions about Jasmine Rice with Answers:

So, you learned about jasmine rice, but you may have some questions. Here are some questions about jasmine rice with answers:

Can jasmine rice go bad?

Like many other rice types, jasmine rice has an indefinite shelf life when kept safe contaminants. Other than brown rice which only has 3 to 6 months shelf life to 12 to 18 months depending on storage. Because brown rice is enriched with higher oil it doesn’t last long when stored.

Can Jasmine rice be reheated?

Yes it can be. The method is simple and you need a few items including; the heavy-duty pot, measuring cup and spoon, fork and stove. Here is how to do it; simply measure a cup of cold cooked jasmine rice and put it into that pot, add 2 tbsp of any type of cooking liquid. For doing that you can also add water to reheat in a basic way. Then place it on the stove and place its lid tightly. Then heat it for 4 to 5 minutes on medium. After that, lift its lid and check if it is hot enough and then you can use the fork to check the rice and then serve it.


So, in this article you learned about some of the best jasmine rice brands and its substitutes. If you have any question, please do ask.

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