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3+ Best Cranberry Juice Brands: with Lowest Sugars

Those round tiny berries with a deep red color are the cranberries. The color and nutrients are different but those cranberries resemble blueberries. The taste is sharp and sour making it difficult for most people to eat these in the raw form. Juicing the cranberries requires the availability of these delicious fruits.

Best Cranberry Juice

However, to save you time you can enjoy prepared brands of cranberries which can be unsweetened and free from sugar so you can drink the juice without being worried about artificial colorants or flavors. This article explains some of the best cranberry juice brands.

Why Should you drink Cranberry Juice?

Cranberry juice is healthy and you should be drinking everyday to prevent different diseases including heart disease and dental plaque (1). 

However, you should not drink this juice before bed, because the acidity of fruits like; grapefruit or the cranberry can affect your sleep and you may end up finding it difficult to sleep at night. 

Is Cranberry Juice Nutritious?

Of course it is, 100 grams of cranberry juice contain 15% Vitamin C and 5% Vitamin B-6. However, the same amount of juice has fairly 46 calories and 12 grams of natural sugar. 

Best Cranberry Juice Brands: 

Drinking cranberry juice means enjoying a greater taste and getting most health benefits at the same time. Here are 3+ best cranberry juices: 

1. Ocean Spray Unsweetened Cranberry Juice

Enjoy the crisp, clean flavor right out of the forest of real cranberries. Each bottle is made from the juice of over 850 cranberries, 100 percent cranberry juice. It’s a perfect way to get cranberry’s health benefits in a basic, authentic shape. Plus, it does not contain calories, preservatives or chemical flavours added and is non-GMO. Enjoy Pure Cranberry with or in a smoothie with sparkling water! 

Here is how this juice is good:

  • About two pounds of cranberries are used in making juice for one bottle. 
  • The juice doesn’t contain artificial colors or flavors. 
  • No Sugar and Non-GMO. 

2. Cranberry Juice Concentrate

A delicious complement to smoothies, beverages, and other juices is cranberry concentrate. Antioxidants combat the destruction of free radicals and help strengthen the immune system of the body. Consumption of cranberry helps foster a healthy urinary tract and prevent infection. Non-GMO, gluten-free. U.S. Product. 

What is good in this juice?

  • It improves overall Urinary Tract’s Health. 
  • It can be a good choice for dieters. 
  • Because this is a juice concentrate, making it last for longer. 

3. 365 Everyday Value Organic Cranberry Juice

Cranberry Juice often contains relatively little sugar, just 7g per glass, not only high in vitamin C but 365 Daily Benefit Organic Concentrate. Therefore, it can be used easily every day. Not only that, but this juice can also help to treat urinary tract infections. This product should be purchased now by anyone with this problem. 

Here are some good things of this juice:

  • Made from top organic cranberries of top quality.
  • Bring a lot of vitamin C with you.
  • Perfect for vegetarians.
  • It’s healthy because there is less sugar.
  • Suitable for individuals who have UTI.
  • When mixed with many recipes, it tastes amazing. 

4. Vitacost 100% Pure Cranberry Juice

An easy, tasty way to get the natural health advantages of cranberries is Vitacost 100 percent Pure Cranberry Juice Concentrate. 16 servings of 100 percent pure cranberry juice are given for each 16-ounce bottle. For a soothing drink at any time, just blend one part juice concentrate with five parts water. 

What makes Vitacost Juice so good?

  • No added-sugar, artificial colors or artificial additives are used in this juice.
  • Provides 16 per glass servings (when mixed with water).
  • A serving, just 50 calories.
  • Provides advantages for cranberry without having to eat full fruit.

What are Some Different Kinds of Cranberry Juice?

When you start looking, you may come up with hundreds of brands of cranberry juice around the world. However, there are some specific kinds (not species) of cranberry juices: 

sugar free

Not all but most of the cranberry juices do not contain added sugar. Because naturally 100 grams of the juice contains 12 grams of sugar. If there is added sugar in the juice, you may not want to drink that if you are on specific diets. 

Pure cranberry juice:

This means the juice with no additives. Pure cranberry juice would be the most nutritious for you. Regardless of how the juice tastes, your concerns are health along with the refreshing juice. 

low sugar

Now here is something you may prefer. Low sugar juice is the kind which you may enjoy this better. 

Some Common Questions and Answers about the Cranberry Juice:

After reading this article, you still may have some questions, here are a few questions and answers which may help you further: 

How much cranberry juice should you drink a day?

8 to 16 oz is enough to drink, and it is beneficial many ways. 

What is the difference between cranberry juice and cocktail?

Cranberry juice, on its own, is very salty, but many juice producers sweeten the same ingredient used in soft drinks with high-fructose corn syrup. This sweetens but does not have any nutritious benefit. Usually, these items are called “cranberry juice cocktails.” 

The number of calories and sugar in cranberry juice drinks is almost the same as juice sweetened with fruit. This is how the sugar comes from the naturally existing sugar in the fruits in 100 percent juice mixes, and the sugar comes from cranberry sugar and the additional sweeteners in cranberry juice cocktails (2). 

What vitamins are in cranberry juice?

According to Healthline, this juice has (3): 

Vitamin C: 26% of the benefit of the day (DV)

Vitamin E: 20% of the DV

Copper: 15% of the DV ratio

Vitamin K1: 11% of DV vitamins

Vitamin B6: 8% of the DV

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